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Blaze of Battle Android Gameplay Guide 2020| Strategy | Tips

If you want to explore more valuable Blaze of Battle tips and strategy 2020 then you are at right place.

You can:

  1. Join an alliance to get benefits
  2. There will be quests that you have to collect

Blaze of Battle Gameplay 2020

The Blaze of Battle game instruction flows nicely.
Game resolution is fine. I think there is little work need to do in plot by more story calculating. Blaze of Battle game play miss this tiny part, it never get involved in any plot fully just
light touch everything.

Things you can do in Blaze of Battle Game

Blaze of Battle Knight level UP
Blaze of Battle Gem Drive
Blaze of Battle Calculate Build Time
Blaze of Battle kill Monster quickly
Blaze of Battle Open Chest Automatically
Blaze of Battle Level Lord and Dragon
Blaze of Battle Resource Farming
Blaze of Battle attacking and Defending Tips
Blaze of Battle unlimited Gems

Blaze of Battle Hack 2020 will get you all these benefits and things in no time.

In Blaze of battle game, you can give decent punishments and get unlimited gems without spending money.
Your Entire city is relying on you. Claim and make your Destiny NOw.

Every Knight can be assigned a position of responsibility in your City by tapping the Position tab in your Noble Hall and assigning your available Knights.

These positions are Logistician, Engineer, Magician and Commander.

Once a position is occupied, it will grant your City a certain bonus, which depends on the Position itself and the level of the Knight.

In Blaze of Battle game, Every knight is assigned a responsibility that are:


These Positions can be assigned by Position tab. Once these positions is occupied then you get a bonus.

Blaze of Battle Strategy and Tips 2020

Blaze of Battle Knight Tip:

Knight will guide the Troops to perform action.Knights are the leader of the army. Knight bonuses will benefit army and bonus depend on knight level.
The more Gold you will get, depend upon the level of the knight

Blaze of Battle Dragon Boosts tip:

You wil get Dragon Boosts from Monster Skill Menu. You can use special equipment for your Dragon and get powerful crystals for it. There is also a special Category of magic that will
improve Dragon abilities.

Blaze of Battle Force Value Tip.

Player Power can be deducted from the Force value so you can compare it with yout own.To see the whole Force value of an alliance, there is a “Alliance list” button on your
Alliance screen

Blaze of Battle Materials Tip:

How to get Mateials?

You can attack on an alliance on the map by attacking Monsters and get them as alliance after your allies kill them. You will get any type of materials
1 Blaze of BAttle Gem Pack
2.Blaze of BAttle Event rewards

Blaze of Battle Crystals Tip:

How you get Crystals:

Gifts in Gem pack.
Purchasing Crystal Chests in item Shop.
Attacking Monsters or Occupying its Lair.
Occupying Resource Stations.
Rewards in Soto Events and inferno Soto Events.

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