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Blaze of battle is the most amazing simulation game for smartphones which was developed by “Shenzhen Leyi Network Co., Ltd”. Blaze of battle has millions of successful downloads on both platforms i.e android and IOS. Now a days, most of the developers are working on strategic games like Blaze of battle to recreate thinking and efficient decision making capabilities of people and a huge number of users do appreciate games like Blaze of battle.

Blaze of Battle Game Download


download free Blaze of battle mod Apk

The most exciting SLG Game ever!

This game allows you to raise your own army with your battle winning strategic capabilities. Command your powerful DRAGON and KNIGHTS to

fight for your Glory and your land in Blaze of Battle. Build a stunning and state of the art City and battle fields against millions of players to tackle different strategies worldwide.

Download blaze of battle for free and play in this strategy game now. Join a ferocious alliance to chat and make friends with players all around the world. This helps you share your experience and get more helpful strategies to combat your enemies. Blaze of battle strategy is to train multiple troops and get yourself prepared for attacks against countless competitors.

Blaze of Battle motivation slogan: “The whole City is counting on you! Claim your Destiny Now!”


download free blaze of battle mod apk

Amazing features added in Blaze of Battle so far:

In Blaze of battle Apk download latest version, you can build your own city as you want and customize it according to your will. Build a huge men army to submerge your enemies with superior forces. Instruct the Dragon to head your army to the final triumph. Call for the most faithful Knights to fight for your glory side by side.

– Develop Blaze of battle strategy against millions of players worldwide.
– Rejoin a mighty Alliance and Rally Wars against powerful rivals with allies
– Talk and strategize with your friends in On-line Real-Time Chat.
– Make analysis / fact-findings to effectively boost the Development of your  city.
– Forge powerful equipment for your Dragon. Bring up the greatest commander ever!
– Brutal Monsters roaming around, defeat them to get rare equipment ingredients totally for FREE!
– Participate in various events to win precious rewards every day.

Requirements | Blaze of battle for Android

To download blaze of battle apk latest version, your android device must fulfill these requirements.

  • Internet connection is required to download Blaze of battle apk. Use wifi connection if possible.
  • To run Blaze of battle apk latest version on your android phone, your android version must be 4.0 or latest.

Requirements | Blaze of battle for iOS

To download blaze of battle apk latest version, your iOS device must fulfill these requirements.

  • Internet connection is required to download Blaze of battle apk on your Apple devices. Use wifi connection if possible.
  • To run Blaze of battle apk latest version on your iOS phone, your device version must be 6.0 or latest. Blaze of battle is also compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

What is New in Blaze of battle Apk latest version:

  • New Dragon Skin Arriving

Chance to allow your Dragon a dashing new glance finally arrives! make sure/ be certain to select a tremendous Dragon Skin for your partner once it’s available!

  • Alliance Event Improved

Alliance Event is getting a lot more fun – you’re free to select your own Alliance Event Tasks!

In blaze of battle latest Apk, you have Gems palace maximum up to 7th level, Dragon max level upto 60, Lordship maximum level is up to 60. New dragon skills and monster skills are added. Moreover, new lord skills are also added in latest version of Blaze of battle apk. Peace shield report is also available.

  • Viking Warriors – the Legend of the Sea!

They are independent, they have their own past, and their characteristic is nothing like each other. However, the Keen desire to fight is the same deep down in their hearts.

Silver Teeth: For Freedom

Silver teeth Drake, the captain of the ghost pirate ship, is a rightful man and very faithful to friends. He abandons his rich life to chase the freedom, to fulfill his dream of sailing through the sea.

download free blaze of battle mod apk

Blaze of battle Apk Download

Snake Brent: Searching for Wonder

Brent was loyal to the Horizon, a secret assassin organization of the council. An unexpected betrayal changes his life completely. He lost his beloved girlfriend. On his way to escape, he was saved by Drake and since then, he lived his life as a pirate. A man with broken heart finally found some peace.

On the journey to adventure, his dream is to search the sea wonder that his girlfriend once told him

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Smile Reaper: Map out the whole world.

Nicole is an excellent navigator. Her ambition is to map out every place she sails. She was nicknamed as the Smile Reaper, because of her creepy sweet smile while killing. In a fight against the pillage of the other notorious pirates, Nicole met Drake and joined his crew.

Eric the Chieftain: A Great Ruler. (Drake’s half brother, a great leader)

After he was banished from his home for killing someone, he sailed west to a vast, unknown island. There Eric, together with his sister Turid and his brother Drake, conquered two main tribes and became the chieftain through several bloody battles.

Led by Eric, people in the island are living a flourishing life. The only thing he wants now is to reunite with his brother and sister.

Turid the Red: A Girl Like Mystery. (Sister or Eric and half sister of Drake)

Turid earned her nickname for her hot temper. In a fight against the island hostile natives, she suddenly lost her temper and took a sword to kill hundreds of enemies. After Drake left, Turid also left home for her expedition of adventure and has never been back.

Their story keeps going. We don’t know what will happen in the future. But we do know, it is the Courage, Passion & Perseverance that make them choose to live in their own way.

What will your Blaze of Battle Dragon Do For You?

Your Dragon’s power is beyond compare. It is time to show what this true Leader is capable of.

  1. Lead Your Army: While great Dragon brings various boosts, then leading your army with it in battles will definitely increase your chance yo WIN!
  2. Earn Skills Points: Every time your Dragon reaches a new level, you will earn skill points. Assigning points on Dragon skills  & Monster skills grants positive effects on every aspects of your city.
  3. Wear Powerful Equipment: After forging Equipment in Blacksmith, you can equip it on your Dragon, which will also gives various boosts on your city and troops.
  4. Attack Monsters: Monsters on the map are hidden with a huge amount of Items/ Material/ Gems. Attacking them with your Dragon will earn you precious rewards for sure.

Blaze of Battle Supreme Teleport

You are thinking about the Blaze of Battle Supreme teleport feature and how to use it?

With Supreme teleport you can move to another kingdom without passing a stage.

Yeah! You Heard right.

You will get only one chance to use this supreme teleport in the game early stages.

Blaze of Battle Hack Mod Apk free download. Enjoy Free Blaze of Battle Apk Hack/Cheats.

People can download this great game full of adventure and suspense and thril of Blaze of Batlle mod Apk, by simply visiting any app store of smartphone platforms. This game application is interesting and build curiosity in every step you move forward. Blaze of Battle mod Apk is available to download for almost every type of mobile software giants.


Blaze of Battle Android Gameplay Guide | Strategy | Tips

The Blaze of Battle game instruction flows nicely.
Game resolution is fine. I think there is little work need to do in plot by more story calculating. Blaze of Battle game play miss this tiny part, it never get involved in any plot fully just light touch everything.In Blaze of battle game, you can give decent punishments and get unlimited gems without spending money. Your Entire city is relying on you. Claim and make your Destiny NOw.


Blaze of Battle Cheats. Blaze of Battle hack gems


Blaze of battle hack will get you alot of money and coins by applying cheats. Blaze of Battle cheats will help you play levels which other players achieve by spending money.
Yeah! You heard right you can unlock diferent levels by applying Blaze of Battle Cheats.

Did you check Blaze of Battle Skins???


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Blaze of Battle Game Free Download


You can download blaze of battle game free from Google play store for android and also download blaze of battle for IOS.


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